Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crochet Needle Holder

Well, if you follow this blog, you know I love to crochet. I am only a cold weather crocheter, and it is time to put up the needles and yarn. I have always kept them in a basket, but as my supplies grew, my space shrunk and things began to fall out of their spots. I saw several really cute needle holders out there in blogland, so this is my take on them. I just started cutting and measuring with my needles since I could not find my tape measures. I thinks it turned out cute. It solves my needs.

The big move is on. Son is out and daughter is partially in. If you don't know, they are shifting houses. Daughter and son in law (who are pretty talented) have painted, put down new flooring, changed window dressings, and become carpenters. Last night the cleaning began and the new master bedroom decor was put together. I cannot believe I did not take pics of before and after. This weekend will be the moving of all the rest of the furniture and clothing. Angel Baby goes straight to her new pink room everytime she is there, and she already knows it is her room. When my kids were little they had a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. THey loved it and rode it 'til the wheels bowed out and bent beyond repair. I tried to get Angel Baby one this weekend while we were in Jackson shopping, but they were out, so I ordered it online. It arrived yesterday and Paw Paw and Simon put it together last night. She has claimed it and cried because she could not ride in it in the back of my car as we moved it to her house. I am taking over my daughters house, which is a rental house my daddy has had for years, and turning it into a studio for my crafts. As soon as they get everything out, I am going to start the transition from my house to it. It is just around the corner from my house, so it is almost liking being in the back yard. This will free up two bedrooms here for guests and decluttering. It is a mess now at each house, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have also redone youngest sons room, and all we lack there is his bathroom. My house is going to look like a new place when I get thru.

Well, I better be going to finish the things I had planned for today. Ya'll take care. Be safe, happy, and healthy. Hug those you love. Smile and laugh!! Pray for security in our nation and the world, our soldiers and their families, and please include us here in the Mississippi River Valley from the floods they are predicting. My house and my families houses are above the flood stage if it crests at where they say the river at Greenville will crest. We just pray that we do not get anymore rain, and that the northern states in the Ohio Valley do not get anymore rain. I know God will take care of us, but with all the tornado damage in and around the south, we just do not need anymore catastrophies. See ya soon!! God bless ya'll!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Pottery

Just a quick note to let ya'll know I am here. The storms that passed through the south last week spared us. I have friends in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, who by God's grace were kept safe, and they say it is devastating. Words cannot describe the damage and sadness. Please keep all the tornada victims in your prayers. There is a little town in my state of Mississippi called Smithville. It was litterly wiped off the map. Most of the businesses and homes were destroyed. I believe the death toll there was in the 20's or 30's. Most of the victims lost in our state were from this town. Again, plese pray for these people. Today, I am posting some new pottery pieces I got this week. I started back last week after a 8 month absence. I think these are fitting to show at this time of sadness and loss for the tornado victims. I donated a cross like the middle one and a tray using the color combo in the grenn/white one to the hospital for door prizes during nurses week next week. {forgot to take a picture of the tray!} I have received orders for 4 trays and 2 crosses since then. WOW!! I was overwhelmed! I thank God daily for the talent he has given me, and I pray my creativity continues.

Now to family news. Oldest son got moved last weekend to his new house. Daughter stared painting and fixing the house that she is moving into. They are moving into the house oldest son was in. It is the house that they grew up in and their dad kept it and rented it over the years. She and husband are really doing a redo on it. Looks great! They are moving in this week. I am taking over her house and making a studio out of it! I cannot wait to have my own place for all my crafts and things. Should lead to more fun!!! Youngest son is on the countdown to the end of school. I think we have about 14 more days. He spent the weekend at a Boy Scout camp out. Had a blast! Time to go to work. Be safe, happy, healthy. Hug those you love! Smile and laugh! Pray for the safety of our troops and country. God bless ya'll!!!!