Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Blanket

How ya'll doing today? We are just fine. Oldest son made it home safe and sound Monday--thanks for the added prayers; Youngest son's pee wee football team won their first game last night--WOOP WOOP; daughter and her lil family are all wonderful-Angel baby will be a year old Saturday; my dad is feeling good; me and hubby are great, and it really feels like FALL here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope ya'll are the same and being blessed in many ways. The pic I showed today is a little baby blanket I finished last week. I love the colors, imagine that, it has pink in it! The back is a pale lime green minky dot, the ruffle brown and pink polka dot cotton. I love the combonation of colors in this. Angel baby just came to see me for a little while, so I better be going. Have a blessed day! Be safe, happy, healthy. Hug those you love. Smile and laugh. God bless ya'll!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fabric Flower

I have been seeing these cute flowers on different blogs lately, so I took some scraps from an outfit that was made for Angel baby and made this one. I love it!! They are so much fun and easy to do. I took different scraps and places them together according to color. Then I sewed them together, end to end. After that, I folded the strip in half and zig-zagged all the open edges. Then I gathered the material with a running stitch--some tutorials I read used their machines by changing the stitch length and tension, I just did it by hand. I started at one end and folded it over and then continued to form a circle around the center until I used all the strip of fabric. I just kept stitching each layer to the next. I tucked the tail of the strip into the back of the flower and covered the raw edges with a scrap of felt. You can hot glue a hair clip or a broach pin on the back of the felt and use it for whatever one you like best. This one has a hair clip to go in her hair or on a headband. I am not really good at directions, so if you have any questions, please ask and I am better at answering than describing. Oldest son is on his way in from hunting in Montana, so please add him to your prayers tonight and tomorrow for a safe flight. He got an early flight tonight instead of tomorrow, but is on layover in Denver and on standby. I sure hope he gets in tonight. Ya'll take care. Be happy, safe and healthy. Hug those you love, and most of all God bless ya'll!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quilting Class

I am having the best time with this quilting class! I tried to teach myself to quilt last year, but it never really came together, so it went up until I could have a real lesson. My best friend, Dawn and I, started the class 3 weeks ago. It is taught at a fabric shop about an hour away called Ella Rose. We meet every Thursday night for 2 hours. She shows us a step and has us complete it, then we go home with homework and return in a week with that entire process done. I am now on my borders and changing my mind constantly. I just sent for more fabric because I decided to add another border this morning. I will post another pic when the borders are complete. Not only am I enjoying the class, but the quiet drive and conversation with a dear friend is wonderful. We have been picking a different restaurant each week and trying them out. Sometimes we have eaten a full meal and sometimes just appetizers. Cleveland, the town where the fabric store is, is a college town so there are plenty of eateries! I have several things to do this morning, but I will be home at 2:30 to see ALABAMA play Arkansas. My mom was an Ole Miss fan, my dad an ALABAMA fan, and I went to Mississippi State. I have always loved ALABAMA, and yell for them always unless they play Mississippi State, so ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll have a great weekend! Be safe, happy, healthy!! Hug those you love!! Smile and laugh, and may God bless ya'll!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finished Projects/Hubby-36 years ago

I had a great Labor Day weekend and I hope ya'll did the same. My hubby had his 36 year class reunion, 1974. They joined together with the class of 1975 for the reunion. I was in the class of 75, but in a different school here. I really think I had more fun than he did. I met up with some people I went to grammar school with that I had not seen in probably 25 years. It was great!! That handsome young man in the pic above is hubby. Wasn't he cute? The other pics are projects I finished this weekend. The blanket is for Angel baby, and so is the hair bow. The blanket has been laying in my sewing room for months waiting on me to make the ruffle and put the back on it. I love the colors of it, makes you feel happy. The front and ruffle are out of cotton, and the back is a minky fabric. I just saw the other day where they have the minky fabric in all kinds of dots, swirls, flowers, just about anything you want these days. The original backing was a red swirl minky, but when I saw these dots I had to have them for the back. The hairbow is adapted from a tutorial I saw while blog hopping, and I am very sorry to say I cannot find the tutorial to give this person credit. I cut the ribbon to the desired size, v shaped the edges, then crimped the middle to give it some depth. I sewed the middle pinch with a thread and tied it off. I then hot glued all the pieces together to make the pattern I wanted and then covered the knot in the center with a button. Glued a hair clip on the back and Wha la!!!! Ya'll have a great week. I got to get to work. Be safe, happy, healthy. Hug those you love. SMILE, it will make your heart feel good, and most of all may God bless ya'll with many blessings!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summers over!

Oh my gosh, I have not posted in so long!! This summer was great and very busy. The project above is the latest one I did for some young ladies for their collage dorm room. The pic is not great, but you can get the jist of the project. This summer was spent mainly at the lake with my wonderful dad. We spent a lot of weekends there, and still are. It is so peaceful and quiet, no phone, no tv, just nature and all it great sounds. The older I get, the more I love QUIET!!!!!!!!! We spent a great 10 days in Florida in late July. We saw a small amount of oil, but fortunately that was all. We did have a tremendous amount of seaweed. Not sure what that is all about. The people with the oil spill said it was brought in from the hurricane that skirted by out in the Gulf a day before we got there, but I am not so sure it is not something that has accured with the spill itself from the disperents. Anyway we had a wonderful time. Most of my free time is spent watching that little lady in the other picture grow. She is 11 months old today and what a joy to be around. She has made a great difference in my priorities. I also have been making lots of pottery. It is a great stress reliever!! I have set my goals for the Fall and I am going to keep this blog better updated. We just finished our third full week of school and it is going great. Pee Wee football has started and I love to go watch those little guys. I will see ya'll later. Take care. Be safe, happy and healthy! Hugs those you love and may God bless all of YA'LL!!!