Thursday, February 25, 2010

Results of the retail shopping

How you like this stash for some productive retail therapy? We had a great time. This is just the craft shopping, MC got new clothes and Gammy got new boots for work. The dress is what I made, not bought. I finished most projects last week while Simon was sick, so it was time to revamp the sewing room. Gonna start today on new items. I have decided to market my sewing. It will just be local and on my Etsy shop, but I found the same bibs, burp pads and blankets I make for gifts at astronomical prices at childrens boutiques. I was floored at the prices!! I ordered some sew in labels and business cards yesterday. I sew because I like it, and I have always sold things at the price I would pay for it. I work hard for my money and I am not going to spend all that money they ask for, so I am going to offer that to others. I have been planning on going to the craft show in April I talked about earlier, but found out yesterday that we have a soccer tourny that weekend. I am looking for another one to go to and hopefully it want be to far away. Wish me luck!!!

I finished this dress this morning for lil angel baby. I did not make the dress. I only did the smocking. I could make the dress, but the time it takes I do not have. The money to buy and ship the dress was well worth it versus the time it would have taken me to do this. It is cream colored and the flowers are bright colors. My pics do not show the true colors. I have a few more smocking projects that need to be finished for spring and summer. I will post as I finish.

Time to get going with this day. Ya'll have a blessed day filled with many joys. Be safe, happy, healthy. Hug those you love. Smile and laugh!!! Pray for our soldiers and their families. God bless ya'll!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here comes.......

Here comes Mary Countiss Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. Do you think she will hate me when she is older? Little does she know, that 3 people who love her dearly did this to her. My BFF bought this mask for MC and her two grandsons, Mommy put it on her, and Gammy took the pic and put it on the internet. OH, well, I think it is sooooooo cute!!!! Just popped in today to say hi. No project posts. Simon is some better, but still coughing like crazy. I am being told it runs with the virus, but I am not sure. If not better by Monday, we will be seeing the MD. Today I am doing a little retail therapy. Me, Carre, and MC are striking out about 9. We are dropping little Angel baby off at her other grandparents while her mom and I hit the shops. It is a beautiful day!! Ya'll take care, be safe, healthy, happy. Hug those you love. Smile and giggle. Pray for our soliders. They are having a rough time right now. May your troubles be less; May your blessings be more; May nothing but happiness, come through your door....God bless ya'll!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Well, we went to school today. Hopefully we are finally better. He still has a cough, but fever seems to have gone. Lil angel baby had a fever yesterday and had to come home from nursery. I kept her with me today and she has not run any fever. She has been a little fussy at times, but I think she is teething. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at our school. Each day someone in each class is asked to send a gift, food or flowers. My day is tomorrow and this is what I made for our teacher. I painted the background, cross and edging. The scripture is cut out of scrapbook paper and put on the canvas using Mod Podge. This scripture is one of my favorites, and great for teachers. She is a wonderful teacher and really cares about her kids at school and away from school. She has told me for years that she was going to do everything she could to get Simon in her class when he got to her grade, and she did. I admire teachers. They are special people. My mother was a kindergarden teacher many years ago and my mother in law was my 5th and 7th grade teacher. These people spend more hours in a day with our children than we do.

Hubby is on his way home from New Orleans. I need to check on homework and see if lil buddy needs any help, so I better go. Take care. Be healthy, happy and safe. Hug those you love. Smile and giggle. I found this today while cleaning out some papers and I think it is a great ending to my posts--May your troubles be less; May your blessings be more; May nothing but happiness come through your door---Until we meet again, God bless ya'll!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Blanket

Well, the infirmary is still open. He spiked a temp of 101.3 at bedtime. I keep a bottle of antibiotic powder here for when we travel, and I mixed it up this morning and started him on it. His cough has gotten worse and seems to be wet. MD says if not 100% better by tomorrow, come in to the office. Keep your fingers crossed this works and pray for us. If we go to the office that means blood work, and little man hates that!! I believe I was inflicted with the VIRUS last night, since this morning I realized I had spelled TU TU,(tooh tooh) in my post last night. I was so embarrassed. I really think this shut in deal is making me batty!! Another thing that distracted my spelling last night was the Mississippi State/Kentucky game. It was really exciting. I was so proud of my Bulldogs and how hard they played. The MSU fans are a different story--how rude and redneck can you get, throwing things on the court and at the opposing players. As an alumnus of MSU, I applogize for the fans behavior. The only thing that will be remembered from the great play of the boys during that game, are the stupidity of the fans. Way to go players of both teams, great game!!! Go home and grow up, fans of MSU!! You are a disgrace to those of us with character!!

Ok, I will get off my soap box--sorry for that outburst, but REALLY.......

The blanket is a new one I made for Mary Countiss last week. I love the spring colors, bright and cheery. Makes me want to go look and see if my daffodils are popping up. It is 38 x 48 inches. The ruffle is a coordinating fabric of stripes.
The back if yellow minky dot. Hope you enjoy. Time for me to go start on todays project. This is teacher appreciation week at the school, and Friday is my day to send something. I was going to do it tomorrow which is my regular day off, but since I am here today, I think I will go ahead and start it. Ya'll be safe, healthy, and happy. Hugs and smiles!!! God bless ya'll!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cupcake kind of Day

The weather has been dreadfully cold and we are house bound with the flu. I got a call from school last Friday that my little one (11 y/o son) had a 104 temp. I nearly flipped out! None of my children have ever run fever much over 102. It scared me to death. I told the office to give him a double dose of Ibuprofen and sent Hubby (who was home--as most of you know he works out of town) to get him. I finished my case at the hospital (I am an operating room nurse and you just cannot jump up and leave at the drop of a hat) went home and retook his temp. Thank God it was down to 101.9!! We have been running from 100 to 103 since. Pediatrician says it is a fever virus. No other symptoms have presented except for loss of appetite and a little cough occasionally. Our school is full of it. 12 kids in his grade alone were out last week. He finally got hungry last night and today is fever was low grade , not over 100.3, so I feel like we are on the upside of this thing. Our doc told me it might last 5-7 days, and he was right. So while I have been house bound, I made a few things. The pic above is something I did today. Baby girl needed a tu tu, so I made this one. I appliqued the cupcake on the onsie and stitched the edges by hand. I used some scraps. The base of the cupcake is a pink, turquoise, purple, green paisley print and the icing is turquoise minky dot. The cherry on top is a pom pom. I slip knotted the tulle over a piece of elastic for the tu tu. I had bought this fabric and tulle sometime ago. I used the material to make Mary Countiss a blanket, and I realized today that the tulle had the same color combo as the material, so this is what I came up with. The flower headband is made using the Hooray for Headbands tutorial and pattern from The fabric flower is made from the minky dot--this was not real fun to make. I think it took me longer to make the flower, than if did the headband. If you like headbands this is a great pattern. It is sized for babies, children and adults. I will post a pic at a later time, so you can see her all dressed up. Her mom brought her by today after nursery to see if the skirt fit. I did not know what size to do, but it turned out great. (I Googled waist size for a 4 month old, and there was a size chart!!!) I am going to link this to Today's Creative Blog's Get your Craft On and may link to some of the other show your stuff sites this week. [Update: I have tried to grab the TCB button, but I am doing something wrong. It keeps saying I have a HTML error. I am not a computer savy person, so if anyone out there has some advice on what I am doing wrong, please jump in here at anytime]

Ya'll take care and be safe, HEALTHY and happy. Remember to smile and hug those you love. Pray for our troops and their families. See ya soon with some more of my shutin projects! God bless ya'll!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wynn's gift

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am here and have been very productive. The clipboards were a success. I have orders for them for teachers gifts for end of the year. I have made about 20 so far. My daughter took hers to work and all her nurse buddies want one. It really does my heart good when people like my stuff. I also got an invitation from a craft show in April to participate. I can't seem to get enough made to go. Still have not committed yes or no. The pics above are a baby gift my daughter gave this week to her new nephew. She got the material and was very specific in what she wanted. I on the other hand did the things she requested--a blanket, 2 burp pads and a bib--and then the ideas started popping into my head and I started the appliques. I used my scraps and this was the finished product. The gift ended up to be a blanket, 3 burp pads, 3 bibs, and a onsie. It was so cute!! I saw this rough appliquing on a blog the other day and loved it. The edges will fray with washing and I just think the idea is so cool for a little one. I have been painting crosses and scripture canvas also as well as keeping my little angel baby when I can. She is 4 months old now and the inspiration for all the baby ideas. You can see in the pics that she is really developing a great personality. Paw Paw got her the tiger. Says he if trying to make an LSU fan out of her. I laughed because when he gave it to her she started chewing on it and I told him that she was trying to tell him that Miss. State and Ole Miss were going to eat LSU!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya'll take care this week!! Be healthy, happy and safe! Love others and treat them with respect and dignity! Hug your loved ones! Pray for our soldiers and their families! Smile and laugh!! God bless ya'll!!