Thursday, February 25, 2010

Results of the retail shopping

How you like this stash for some productive retail therapy? We had a great time. This is just the craft shopping, MC got new clothes and Gammy got new boots for work. The dress is what I made, not bought. I finished most projects last week while Simon was sick, so it was time to revamp the sewing room. Gonna start today on new items. I have decided to market my sewing. It will just be local and on my Etsy shop, but I found the same bibs, burp pads and blankets I make for gifts at astronomical prices at childrens boutiques. I was floored at the prices!! I ordered some sew in labels and business cards yesterday. I sew because I like it, and I have always sold things at the price I would pay for it. I work hard for my money and I am not going to spend all that money they ask for, so I am going to offer that to others. I have been planning on going to the craft show in April I talked about earlier, but found out yesterday that we have a soccer tourny that weekend. I am looking for another one to go to and hopefully it want be to far away. Wish me luck!!!

I finished this dress this morning for lil angel baby. I did not make the dress. I only did the smocking. I could make the dress, but the time it takes I do not have. The money to buy and ship the dress was well worth it versus the time it would have taken me to do this. It is cream colored and the flowers are bright colors. My pics do not show the true colors. I have a few more smocking projects that need to be finished for spring and summer. I will post as I finish.

Time to get going with this day. Ya'll have a blessed day filled with many joys. Be safe, happy, healthy. Hug those you love. Smile and laugh!!! Pray for our soldiers and their families. God bless ya'll!!!


  1. The smocking on the dress is beautiful Patsy. Hope you do well with marketing the things you sew!

  2. The dress is something you can't and won't find in any store around here!
    I was looking for one like that for the longest time. Never did find one.
    Look out, you will be very busy making them as fast as you can. Everyone will want one for their "lil angel baby".

  3. The dress is beautiful! Love the smocking!