Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Pottery

Please pray for the people in Mississippi and Alabama who were effected by the tornado's this weekend. We were very lucky and did not receive any damage, but a lot of the my homestate-Mississippi did. The impact is terrible. People have lost everything in a split second, but the overwhelming help that has come from neighbors, friends, family and most of all strangers is terrific. When I woke up Saturday morning to hear the Weather Channel people on location 60 miles from my house, I knew we were in for another bad day. We had terrible weather Friday and Friday night at my house, but thank goodness no tornados. My 11 year old was coming home from a field trip Friday and they had to pull over, unload the bus and put all the kids in a brick building in a little town about 30 miles from here due to a tonrnado warning and siting. I thank God daily that we all were untouched.

The pics I have posted today are some of my pottery that I have made lately. I am really enjoying getting back into it. I have another blog for just pottery related things-- http://rough-edges-pottery.blogspot.com/. The pics are of a chip and dip set and 3 crosses. Each has a different glaze and shape. Just a little something different to show today. I have been trying to get some paintings finished for an order and as of tomorrow, I believe they will be done. They are crosses also. I love crosses, anyway, form or fashion, and I really do a lot of them with my paints and pottery. All's well with the family- Doss-oldest son just about ready to start planting his farm rows and life is good for him; Carre-little momma is doing fine, off for a couple of days and glad of it; Simon-youngest- living life to the fullest (he said he was not scared Friday during the storm, but you should have seen him when he got off that bus. He saw me, started running, and I got the biggest hug I have gotten in a long time)and sweet Angel baby (Mary Countiss) has an ear infection, but grinning, babbling and doing something new everyday; Jack(hubby) is due in Friday night after being gone 2 weeks, and Simon and I have to be in Gulfport (4 hours away) for soccer Friday night. We will pass somewhere on a highway.

Time to stop babbling and clean up the kitchen. Take care. Be healthy, happy, safe. Enjoy life to the fullest, smile, laugh, giggle!! Hug those you love and God bless ya'll!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Icee Cream Sundaes

We have been playing soccer, going on field trips, making pottery, working, and some little person has a tooth since I last saw ya'll. My youngest child (11y/o) is on his 5th grade field trip. They go to a wonderful place in Tennessee every year and the kids love it. He left yesterday and will be back tomorrow. Angel Baby got her first tooth last Friday. Youngest and I spent the weekend in Ridgeland, Mississippi playing soccer in the district tourny last weekend. They came in 4th and we are to go to the state tourny next weekend in Gulfport, MS. I have been really back at pottery. After my 2 1/2 year hiatus, no one can believe I really came back. I have been just trying out new glazes they have gotten since I was there on old pieces I had done long ago, but never glazed. I just bought new clay this last week and started making new stuff. I will share some pics later. My doc is back from his vacation and the office is back on full swing. Tonight Angel Baby and I are going downtown to Art Alfresco--this is when the stores stay open late and highlight certain artists, there are sidewalk musicians, carriage rides and trolley rides, it is really a great time. Her mom is working to 7 and if we are still hanging in there when she gets off she plans to meet us. Hubby is in New Orleans working and it is just me here. I thought it would be very quiet, but last night my son's neighbor called me and my grandpuppy had escaped from the backyard. Son was off somewhere and had no service on his phone, so I went to get the dog--Might I say I was in my pj's!! These people are my old neighbors, so I really did not care how I was dressed. They caught, Trip-grandpuppy #2, and helped me get him in the house. Son finally got service and checked in to find out I was dog catching. He came home real quick and took over. I really had a great visit with my old neighbors, so I did not care about the excursion. The outfit above is something new for Angel Baby. I thought it turned out cute. I altered the smocking plate a little to fit the little one.

Gotta get going downtown. Ya'll take care.Be safe, healthy, happy. Smile and laugh. Hug those you love. Pray for our nation. God bless ya'll!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Double Door Monogram

Well, my day did not turn out like I thought. The boys did go fishing and the baby and her mom came over, but I did not get that quiet time to do all I had planned. My daughter and her husband wanted to go fishing after he got of work, so I kept baby girl. I went to the country with them and Angel baby and I strolled in the country and learned about all God's creations. We talked about water, fish, geese, trees, gardens and bugs. We saw I little of all of it. IT was really a great time. After the fisher people came in, they cleaned and cooked the fish. It was awesome. My dad especially loved it. He will be 82 this month and he loves to fish and he loves for all the family to get together. I did smock a little and almost finished it, but hopefully I will finish it tonight. Today was quiet. We slept in and just stuck around the house. I did get to pottery for a little while. Glazed a couple of pieces and came home and made several. The picture I have shown today is the double door monogram that I made for a girl at work. She wanted her initial and something that reminded her of summer for her front doors. I thought what would be better than the flip flops. I think it turned out really cute. Ya'll have a great week. Take care. Be safe, healthy, happy! Hug those you love. Smile and laugh, and most of all God bless ya'll!!!

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Friday, April 9, 2010


This is a dress and bloomer outfit I smocked for angel baby. 100% cotton fabric with ric rac as trim. There is 6 rows of smocking. I did each row in a different color that is on the outfit. Since yellow was the primary alternate color, I did 2 rows with it. I love these angel wing sleeves for little ones in the spring and summer.

Well, it is Friday, and I do not have to go anywhere this weekend. I plan on painting and sewing. I am starting on another smocked outfit tonight. I hope ya'll have fun plans for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here and hot. Highs in the 70's. I hope so, we had a little cold snap this week and I was not ready for it. All my arthritic joints have really been cutting up. I believe the men in my life are going fishing, so I should be alone to create. I am sure Angel baby and her momma will come by some--I sure hope so!!! Ya'll have a blessed weekend filled with lots of fun memories and lots of laughter. Be safe, healthy happy. Hug those you love. Live life to the fullest!! God bless ya'll!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mixed Media Canvas

Today is beautiful! Sun is shining and expected temperature is in the 80's. Plan on painting most of the day. I have been asked to do a monogram door hanging and a matching door hanging for a friend. I am going to do the monogram in teal, pink, yellow, lime green and white. I thought this would represent summer appropriately and the matching door hanging will be flip flops in the same colors. I will post a pic when I am through. The pic above is one I did with scrapbook paper and paint. I love doing these mixed media canvases. Just a little something for today. Ya'll take care. Be happy, healthy, safe. Hug those you love. Smile and Laugh. Pray for the family of those miners and the ones that have not been found. I believe in Miracles!! God bless ya'll!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bibs and Burp Pads

Hey ya'll!! Hope everyone had a blessed Easter. We had a grand time. Ate way to much, but spent a lot of time with immediate family and extended family. Tonight is a big night in the Turner household. Well, we are March Madness gurus and we are yelling for Butler. I love to see an underdog do the impossible in most peoples eyes. Basketball has always been very popular for me. I played in highschool and was fortunate to be on a team that holds a record in the Guiness Book of Records. My high school girls team won 100 straight games back in the 70's, and as far as I know that record still holds. We will watch the Connecticut girls tomorrow play for a victory, but tonight we are Butler bulldog fans. The pics above are some bibs and burb pads I made recently. One was for a little girl and the other for a boy. Nothing fancy, but I thought they turned out really cute. I have done really well with these and sold about 10 so far.

Just a quick note to tell you about a new blog I started today. It is my pottery blog. I have made pottery for about 5 years, but for the last 2 1/2 years I really have done nothing due to my work hours. Recently , as we all know, I changed jobs and I have my free time back, so I started dabbling in my pottery. I will continue this blog with family moments and craft projects--sewing, art, paper--and the new one will only be for pottery. If you get a chance, stop by and let me know what you think about my stuff. The site is http://rough-edges-pottery.blogspot.com/.

Good night ya'll!! Have a great evening. Be safe, healthy, happy. Hug those you love. Smile and please laugh. God bless ya'll!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

"He arose. He arose. Hallelujah, Christ arose", and saved us from our sins!!! To God be the glory! Have a great Easter and remember why we celebrate!! God bless ya'll!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Projects

Have ya'll found the Easter bunny yet? We did and it bit my angel baby's toe! Had pics made with live bunnies the other day and one decided to eat the baby. The photographer got every pic too, although we did not mean to. It shows the bunny getting closer and closer to her and then nibbling on her toe. We were not paying attention to the bunnies and thought she was crying because she was tired, and then I saw the blood on the blanket. Called the vet and the pediatrician. Vet said "Patsy, we have not had rabies in this area in area in 50 years". Pediatrician said she was concerned about the dirty mouth of the animal, so we are on antibiotics. We will scrapbook soon about the killer baby bunny!! The above project was one I threw together real quick for my daughter. She wanted something Eastery for her front door, so this is what she got. I really cannot decide if I like it or not. I wish I had done something around the edge of the canvas. Anyway, they like it and that's what counts!! We are getting together with my mom's family tonight. My uncle and aunt are cooking steaks and everyone is bringing something. My donation is a wonderful dip called BLT dip. It is a dry mix I buy from these wonderful ladies in Vicksburg, MS. They are called MJ's Kitchen Kreations. They really have some yummy things and so easy to mix. I keep them always for last minute food ideas. Take about 2 hours to set up after you mix it. This is their website-- http://www.mjsdip.com/

Gotta go start getting ready. Lil buddie just came in from fishing at a neighborhood pond and he and his friends caught about 200. They are so excited. Nothing like 11 year olds and there excitement. Take care. Enjoy the day--it is beautiful here. Be happy, healthy, safe. Hug those you love. Smile and enjoy the little things--laughter of a child, gleam in a little boys eye when he tells the story of the big fish that got away, just life's special moments. God bless ya'll!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Diaper Cake

One of the things I have done lately was this diaper cake. We gave a baby shower last weekend for a friend at work. I have always wanted to make one of these so I gave this as part of her shower gift and used it as a table decoration. I made 4 burp cloth and bib sets and a blanket as the rest of her gift. I did not take pics of the blanket. I wish I had because it was really cute. Anyway, I went on line and researched all the tutorials on baby cakes. I did not relize how many different ways you could make one. This is what I did.

You will need: 1.Disposable diapers--I used size 1 and 2. Try and get ones that have the least amount of design on them. I believe the Pampers brand fit this best for me. 2. Ribbon--mine was 2 inch from Walmart. 3. Rubber bands-all sizes. 4. Straight pins and safety pins. 5. Toys, wash cloths, socks, rattles, bottles--anything fun for a baby.

I rolled my diapers from each end and meeting in the center, and then secured each one with a rubber band. When I thought I had enough rolled I started. Place a 8 0z bottle in the center of a cake board, card board, whatever you are going to carry it on. Take the rolled diapers and place them around the bottle forming a circle. When you get the circle pretty symetrical and as large as you want then secure them all together with a rubber band. Next you start on the 2nd level. You do the same as level 1, but you will not make it as big as the first level. This is where the tiers of the cake come in. I cannot give you exact numbers or measurements, because I just eyeball everything. Sorry!! Now you have covered the entire bottle. You can either place a 4 0z bottle next or if this is going to be your top tier, then just put your rolled diapers together until your symmetry and size are what you want. I used straight pins to secure the last tier to the base tiers. You will cover the heads of the pins with the toys. Wrap you ribbon around each tier and place it in the center to cover the rubber bands. I made bows, but you could put flowers over where the ends of the ribbons meet. Last was to put the toys and goodies on. I again used straight pins and safety pins. That's it!! Have fun making one. I always thought it would be so hard, but it was quick and easy.

Ya'll take care over this holiday weekend. I know lots of you will be traveling, so put those cell phones in your purse or pocket and pay attention to the road. Take care. Be safe, healthy and happy. Hug your loved ones. Smile and laugh!! God bless ya'll!!