Friday, April 2, 2010

Diaper Cake

One of the things I have done lately was this diaper cake. We gave a baby shower last weekend for a friend at work. I have always wanted to make one of these so I gave this as part of her shower gift and used it as a table decoration. I made 4 burp cloth and bib sets and a blanket as the rest of her gift. I did not take pics of the blanket. I wish I had because it was really cute. Anyway, I went on line and researched all the tutorials on baby cakes. I did not relize how many different ways you could make one. This is what I did.

You will need: 1.Disposable diapers--I used size 1 and 2. Try and get ones that have the least amount of design on them. I believe the Pampers brand fit this best for me. 2. Ribbon--mine was 2 inch from Walmart. 3. Rubber bands-all sizes. 4. Straight pins and safety pins. 5. Toys, wash cloths, socks, rattles, bottles--anything fun for a baby.

I rolled my diapers from each end and meeting in the center, and then secured each one with a rubber band. When I thought I had enough rolled I started. Place a 8 0z bottle in the center of a cake board, card board, whatever you are going to carry it on. Take the rolled diapers and place them around the bottle forming a circle. When you get the circle pretty symetrical and as large as you want then secure them all together with a rubber band. Next you start on the 2nd level. You do the same as level 1, but you will not make it as big as the first level. This is where the tiers of the cake come in. I cannot give you exact numbers or measurements, because I just eyeball everything. Sorry!! Now you have covered the entire bottle. You can either place a 4 0z bottle next or if this is going to be your top tier, then just put your rolled diapers together until your symmetry and size are what you want. I used straight pins to secure the last tier to the base tiers. You will cover the heads of the pins with the toys. Wrap you ribbon around each tier and place it in the center to cover the rubber bands. I made bows, but you could put flowers over where the ends of the ribbons meet. Last was to put the toys and goodies on. I again used straight pins and safety pins. That's it!! Have fun making one. I always thought it would be so hard, but it was quick and easy.

Ya'll take care over this holiday weekend. I know lots of you will be traveling, so put those cell phones in your purse or pocket and pay attention to the road. Take care. Be safe, healthy and happy. Hug your loved ones. Smile and laugh!! God bless ya'll!!


  1. Way too cute. Seems like these are quite popular these days.

    Have a great Easter!


  2. Super cute diaper cake! :) great job! :)