Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Pottery

Please pray for the people in Mississippi and Alabama who were effected by the tornado's this weekend. We were very lucky and did not receive any damage, but a lot of the my homestate-Mississippi did. The impact is terrible. People have lost everything in a split second, but the overwhelming help that has come from neighbors, friends, family and most of all strangers is terrific. When I woke up Saturday morning to hear the Weather Channel people on location 60 miles from my house, I knew we were in for another bad day. We had terrible weather Friday and Friday night at my house, but thank goodness no tornados. My 11 year old was coming home from a field trip Friday and they had to pull over, unload the bus and put all the kids in a brick building in a little town about 30 miles from here due to a tonrnado warning and siting. I thank God daily that we all were untouched.

The pics I have posted today are some of my pottery that I have made lately. I am really enjoying getting back into it. I have another blog for just pottery related things-- http://rough-edges-pottery.blogspot.com/. The pics are of a chip and dip set and 3 crosses. Each has a different glaze and shape. Just a little something different to show today. I have been trying to get some paintings finished for an order and as of tomorrow, I believe they will be done. They are crosses also. I love crosses, anyway, form or fashion, and I really do a lot of them with my paints and pottery. All's well with the family- Doss-oldest son just about ready to start planting his farm rows and life is good for him; Carre-little momma is doing fine, off for a couple of days and glad of it; Simon-youngest- living life to the fullest (he said he was not scared Friday during the storm, but you should have seen him when he got off that bus. He saw me, started running, and I got the biggest hug I have gotten in a long time)and sweet Angel baby (Mary Countiss) has an ear infection, but grinning, babbling and doing something new everyday; Jack(hubby) is due in Friday night after being gone 2 weeks, and Simon and I have to be in Gulfport (4 hours away) for soccer Friday night. We will pass somewhere on a highway.

Time to stop babbling and clean up the kitchen. Take care. Be healthy, happy, safe. Enjoy life to the fullest, smile, laugh, giggle!! Hug those you love and God bless ya'll!!


  1. You sound very busy Patsy, but happy at what you do. My oldest son is a Soccer Dad...traveling to Florida and Texas recently.

    The pottery is unique, your own special touch...the small crosses are very special!
    Enjoy Spring and take care...hope Angel Baby's ear infection heals quickly.

  2. Hi, Patsy
    I love those crosses, so very pretty. We were very fortunate to be completley untouched by all the bad weather last weekend but so very sorry for all those that were affected by the tornado.

  3. Creativity just oozes out of you!
    Very nice!