Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Projects

Have ya'll found the Easter bunny yet? We did and it bit my angel baby's toe! Had pics made with live bunnies the other day and one decided to eat the baby. The photographer got every pic too, although we did not mean to. It shows the bunny getting closer and closer to her and then nibbling on her toe. We were not paying attention to the bunnies and thought she was crying because she was tired, and then I saw the blood on the blanket. Called the vet and the pediatrician. Vet said "Patsy, we have not had rabies in this area in area in 50 years". Pediatrician said she was concerned about the dirty mouth of the animal, so we are on antibiotics. We will scrapbook soon about the killer baby bunny!! The above project was one I threw together real quick for my daughter. She wanted something Eastery for her front door, so this is what she got. I really cannot decide if I like it or not. I wish I had done something around the edge of the canvas. Anyway, they like it and that's what counts!! We are getting together with my mom's family tonight. My uncle and aunt are cooking steaks and everyone is bringing something. My donation is a wonderful dip called BLT dip. It is a dry mix I buy from these wonderful ladies in Vicksburg, MS. They are called MJ's Kitchen Kreations. They really have some yummy things and so easy to mix. I keep them always for last minute food ideas. Take about 2 hours to set up after you mix it. This is their website--

Gotta go start getting ready. Lil buddie just came in from fishing at a neighborhood pond and he and his friends caught about 200. They are so excited. Nothing like 11 year olds and there excitement. Take care. Enjoy the day--it is beautiful here. Be happy, healthy, safe. Hug those you love. Smile and enjoy the little things--laughter of a child, gleam in a little boys eye when he tells the story of the big fish that got away, just life's special moments. God bless ya'll!!!!


  1. The bunny bite your sweetie's toe?!
    That is one for the record books.

    Enjoy the family!
    Happy Easter

  2. Hope the baby is ok! Naughty bunny!!!
    Have a wonderful Easter.