Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wynn's gift

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am here and have been very productive. The clipboards were a success. I have orders for them for teachers gifts for end of the year. I have made about 20 so far. My daughter took hers to work and all her nurse buddies want one. It really does my heart good when people like my stuff. I also got an invitation from a craft show in April to participate. I can't seem to get enough made to go. Still have not committed yes or no. The pics above are a baby gift my daughter gave this week to her new nephew. She got the material and was very specific in what she wanted. I on the other hand did the things she requested--a blanket, 2 burp pads and a bib--and then the ideas started popping into my head and I started the appliques. I used my scraps and this was the finished product. The gift ended up to be a blanket, 3 burp pads, 3 bibs, and a onsie. It was so cute!! I saw this rough appliquing on a blog the other day and loved it. The edges will fray with washing and I just think the idea is so cool for a little one. I have been painting crosses and scripture canvas also as well as keeping my little angel baby when I can. She is 4 months old now and the inspiration for all the baby ideas. You can see in the pics that she is really developing a great personality. Paw Paw got her the tiger. Says he if trying to make an LSU fan out of her. I laughed because when he gave it to her she started chewing on it and I told him that she was trying to tell him that Miss. State and Ole Miss were going to eat LSU!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya'll take care this week!! Be healthy, happy and safe! Love others and treat them with respect and dignity! Hug your loved ones! Pray for our soldiers and their families! Smile and laugh!! God bless ya'll!!


  1. What a cutie---love the baby goodies. Great colors.


  2. She's a beautiful child Patsy. She's lucky to have a gramma that can sew so well!

  3. Your handy work is impeccable!
    You could sell this at the craft show, also.

  4. I hope you manage to make that craft show after all. You really need to share your talents with the world. I agree with the others: add some of the beautiful baby items. They are fabulous!

  5. Awesome! That's great news about your clipboard sales. I also sell my crafts and nothing makes me happier than someone loving something i made enough to take one home with them.
    I hope you get it all done!