Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Blanket

Well, the infirmary is still open. He spiked a temp of 101.3 at bedtime. I keep a bottle of antibiotic powder here for when we travel, and I mixed it up this morning and started him on it. His cough has gotten worse and seems to be wet. MD says if not 100% better by tomorrow, come in to the office. Keep your fingers crossed this works and pray for us. If we go to the office that means blood work, and little man hates that!! I believe I was inflicted with the VIRUS last night, since this morning I realized I had spelled TU TU,(tooh tooh) in my post last night. I was so embarrassed. I really think this shut in deal is making me batty!! Another thing that distracted my spelling last night was the Mississippi State/Kentucky game. It was really exciting. I was so proud of my Bulldogs and how hard they played. The MSU fans are a different story--how rude and redneck can you get, throwing things on the court and at the opposing players. As an alumnus of MSU, I applogize for the fans behavior. The only thing that will be remembered from the great play of the boys during that game, are the stupidity of the fans. Way to go players of both teams, great game!!! Go home and grow up, fans of MSU!! You are a disgrace to those of us with character!!

Ok, I will get off my soap box--sorry for that outburst, but REALLY.......

The blanket is a new one I made for Mary Countiss last week. I love the spring colors, bright and cheery. Makes me want to go look and see if my daffodils are popping up. It is 38 x 48 inches. The ruffle is a coordinating fabric of stripes.
The back if yellow minky dot. Hope you enjoy. Time for me to go start on todays project. This is teacher appreciation week at the school, and Friday is my day to send something. I was going to do it tomorrow which is my regular day off, but since I am here today, I think I will go ahead and start it. Ya'll be safe, healthy, and happy. Hugs and smiles!!! God bless ya'll!!!


  1. Oh...I hate it when someone is that sick.
    Just said a pray for you.

    About the game, I wish fans would realize it's a G-A-M-E.

  2. Sorry that you've had sickness at your house, it stinks when kids are sick. :(
    I love your blanket, it is darling. You're right, it makes me think of spring too. Sure wish it would hurry and get here!