Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cupcake kind of Day

The weather has been dreadfully cold and we are house bound with the flu. I got a call from school last Friday that my little one (11 y/o son) had a 104 temp. I nearly flipped out! None of my children have ever run fever much over 102. It scared me to death. I told the office to give him a double dose of Ibuprofen and sent Hubby (who was home--as most of you know he works out of town) to get him. I finished my case at the hospital (I am an operating room nurse and you just cannot jump up and leave at the drop of a hat) went home and retook his temp. Thank God it was down to 101.9!! We have been running from 100 to 103 since. Pediatrician says it is a fever virus. No other symptoms have presented except for loss of appetite and a little cough occasionally. Our school is full of it. 12 kids in his grade alone were out last week. He finally got hungry last night and today is fever was low grade , not over 100.3, so I feel like we are on the upside of this thing. Our doc told me it might last 5-7 days, and he was right. So while I have been house bound, I made a few things. The pic above is something I did today. Baby girl needed a tu tu, so I made this one. I appliqued the cupcake on the onsie and stitched the edges by hand. I used some scraps. The base of the cupcake is a pink, turquoise, purple, green paisley print and the icing is turquoise minky dot. The cherry on top is a pom pom. I slip knotted the tulle over a piece of elastic for the tu tu. I had bought this fabric and tulle sometime ago. I used the material to make Mary Countiss a blanket, and I realized today that the tulle had the same color combo as the material, so this is what I came up with. The flower headband is made using the Hooray for Headbands tutorial and pattern from http://www.heatherbailey.typepad.com/ The fabric flower is made from the minky dot--this was not real fun to make. I think it took me longer to make the flower, than if did the headband. If you like headbands this is a great pattern. It is sized for babies, children and adults. I will post a pic at a later time, so you can see her all dressed up. Her mom brought her by today after nursery to see if the skirt fit. I did not know what size to do, but it turned out great. (I Googled waist size for a 4 month old, and there was a size chart!!!) I am going to link this to Today's Creative Blog's Get your Craft On and may link to some of the other show your stuff sites this week. [Update: I have tried to grab the TCB button, but I am doing something wrong. It keeps saying I have a HTML error. I am not a computer savy person, so if anyone out there has some advice on what I am doing wrong, please jump in here at anytime]

Ya'll take care and be safe, HEALTHY and happy. Remember to smile and hug those you love. Pray for our troops and their families. See ya soon with some more of my shutin projects! God bless ya'll!!!!


  1. I'm glad your son is feeling better...that's scary when their fevers are that high!!

    I love the cute outfit!! Every little girl needs a tu-tu!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch!!

  2. Sending healthy wishes to your son....I love you tutu and headband..too cute!

  3. Your creation for Baby Girl is lovely Patsy!
    Hope your son is feeling better and no one else comes down with it!

  4. Love the TooToo! SP?
    Hope everyone feels better soon!


  5. I love that! Very cute! Hope your house is healthy soon! If you are interested, you can link this up at my Thursday carnival Make it, Wear it.
    Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com

  6. So glad your son is better...
    great job!



  7. Oh MY ADORABLE!!! My daughter would dance for days in this. So cute! Thanks for linking up to Whatever Goes Wednesday at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.