Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here comes.......

Here comes Mary Countiss Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. Do you think she will hate me when she is older? Little does she know, that 3 people who love her dearly did this to her. My BFF bought this mask for MC and her two grandsons, Mommy put it on her, and Gammy took the pic and put it on the internet. OH, well, I think it is sooooooo cute!!!! Just popped in today to say hi. No project posts. Simon is some better, but still coughing like crazy. I am being told it runs with the virus, but I am not sure. If not better by Monday, we will be seeing the MD. Today I am doing a little retail therapy. Me, Carre, and MC are striking out about 9. We are dropping little Angel baby off at her other grandparents while her mom and I hit the shops. It is a beautiful day!! Ya'll take care, be safe, healthy, happy. Hug those you love. Smile and giggle. Pray for our soliders. They are having a rough time right now. May your troubles be less; May your blessings be more; May nothing but happiness, come through your door....God bless ya'll!!


  1. She looks like she's getting ready for Easter.
    It must be right around the corner - eekkk!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. What a cute little bunny!
    Enjoy your retail therapy.


  3. What a mask! I have to admit it did make me laugh, but then isn't that what silly pictures are for? To make us smile, and perk up our day? So thanks for perking mine up! :) Oh, and enjoy your retail therapy day!