Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quilting Class

I am having the best time with this quilting class! I tried to teach myself to quilt last year, but it never really came together, so it went up until I could have a real lesson. My best friend, Dawn and I, started the class 3 weeks ago. It is taught at a fabric shop about an hour away called Ella Rose. We meet every Thursday night for 2 hours. She shows us a step and has us complete it, then we go home with homework and return in a week with that entire process done. I am now on my borders and changing my mind constantly. I just sent for more fabric because I decided to add another border this morning. I will post another pic when the borders are complete. Not only am I enjoying the class, but the quiet drive and conversation with a dear friend is wonderful. We have been picking a different restaurant each week and trying them out. Sometimes we have eaten a full meal and sometimes just appetizers. Cleveland, the town where the fabric store is, is a college town so there are plenty of eateries! I have several things to do this morning, but I will be home at 2:30 to see ALABAMA play Arkansas. My mom was an Ole Miss fan, my dad an ALABAMA fan, and I went to Mississippi State. I have always loved ALABAMA, and yell for them always unless they play Mississippi State, so ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll have a great weekend! Be safe, happy, healthy!! Hug those you love!! Smile and laugh, and may God bless ya'll!!!!


  1. It's nice to spend some quiet time with a friend.
    You pieces look great.


  2. Your quilt is mother was a quilter. She made over 100.

  3. Oh wow! You are amazing! I love it!