Thursday, September 19, 2013



Well, I have resurfaced.  What an adventure I have been on. Let me give you a quick update.  Since I saw you last we have added the little brunette Angel.  I am an official Gammie of 2.  She is a doll!!!  Happy, fun, giggles, smiles all the time and not afraid of anything.  Big sister is still as adorable and fun as always--a real diva!  She loves her little sister and really has been a great help to her Mommy.  They all are doing great!  Son #1 has a new job and I expect I am going to get a daughter-in-law soon.  She is already a part of our family, but I think an official anoucement of a date is on its way.  #2 son is a freshman in high school.  Living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it.  He is a great kid!!  Actually all of my kids have really made me proud!  I am truly blessed to have 3 wonderful children that have never given me a minutes trouble.  I also have gained two more grandpuppies since I saw you last--that makes 3 now and I have been known to babysit the dogs as well as the kids!!

     I have gotten back into my pottery and have started fixing up my Dad's house as a studio and place to showcase what I do.  It is troubling at times, going through the memories, but my parents would have been so proud of my creativity, so the good moments outway the troubles.  I am still working fulltime and love my job.  I just wanted to pop in to resurface and connect with all my blogging friends.  I plan to keep more updated--I know I say this everytime--but maybe.....  Be sweet, stay kind, pray for our troops and our country, Hug those you love, and God Bless Ya'll!!!!

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  1. Welcome back!

    You sure have a couple of cuties there.

    M : )