Friday, January 1, 2010


This was a last minute Christmas present for my daughter, but it turned into a new years present. I finished it yesterday and she hung it on her front door after taking down her Christmas door hanger. She was real tickled when I showed up with it. We brought the new year in rather quietly. I kept the baby for a little while, so they could go out to eat. I went down to my dad's and visited, then I fell asleep watching football. Not very exciting here. Lil son had company spend the night and I am not sure they even made it to see the ball drop. Hubby also fell asleep watching football. First thing he asked me this morning was who won? I have made certain goals for this year, realistic ones:

Get closer to my faith--daily devotionals, not every so often devotional. Read and study my Bible.

Take better care of myself--I have not felt good for a while, so I am going to see if I cannot do something to fix that.

Reconnect with old friends--I have recently become a Facebook person, and it is unbelievable who is out there. Old friends that I have not seen from highschool, collage have befriended me and it is great catching up with them.

The only goal I know that might not be kept completely is that I have decided to go to 3 craft shows this year as a participant. People have tried to get me to do this in the past, and I only have done one. I was a great success and was asked to put my stuff in 3 stores, but I refused due to the time it would take to supply them. I am going to try again this year and see how I do. Wish me luck!!

" The one who walks with the wise will become wise, but a companion of fools will suffer harm"-----Proverbs 13:20
Be wise in your thoughts and actions. It is a new year, a new decade. Rejoice in your Lord! Join together as an army of Christians and maybe we can change the face of our world. We are not heading in a good direction, and this can only lead to a fall. Be safe, healthy, happy and hug those you love. Pray for peace and for our soldiers and their families. Laugh out loud, keep a smile on your face--it's contagious! Have a great 2010 and God bless ya'll!!!


  1. I appreciate your goals for this year!
    You can consider me as soldier in the army of Christians.
    Smiling, Christine

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and hope this note finds you enjoying a wonderful New Years Day! I love the gift that you did for your daughter, the little apron is adorable, and that was a wonderful Christmas story. My husband had a hard time this Christmas, I think for the same reasons, so that will be a wonderful idea for next year. He would absolutely love that gift! We did several things like that this year. The Christmas fabric bibs are adorable. What fabric is that. I would love to find some for some future Christmas projects. Off to spend some time with my family. Have a wonderful day! Jackie

  3. Hello Patsy---
    thanks for coming by Dreaming. I always get excited to see new people. I hope you come back soon. I am going to join your followers list so I'll be back to check on ya'll. :)
    Hope you are having a peaceful New Year's Day.


  4. Your plans, dreams and desires for 2010 seem healthy and holy. As you are faithful in YOUR choices, may God bring them all to fruition!

    I shall check in from time to time to see how you fare at the craft shows! Sounds exciting.

    I, too, am in the "army". I agonize over the direction our country (and world) seems to be taking. I want to be equally committed and concerned about my personal spiritual "direction" and commitment.

  5. Patsy, thanks so much for visiting me! I slept in this morning (until 10:30!!) and then laid in bed and caught up on my blog reading, including yours (right back to the beginning!). Love the crosses, the pottery, the paper crafts, the baby items, all of it is beautiful. Glad to start my new year with a new friend!


  6. You have set some good goals Patsy, a craft show sounds exciting too. Hope the new year presents you with all good things.

  7. Very pretty door hanger. Nice job.

  8. cute door hanger! i love anything monogrammed! great goals! happy new year!