Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please pray!

I ask for prayers today for our Gulf Coast. Please pray that what BP is trying to do today will work. The impact of this oil spill on our Gulf states is unbelievable. It is far more serious than anyone can believe. The people in Louisiana are being hit another time, but this time it may change a whole lively hood. The marine life and waterfowl may be changed for history. They may not can recover from what is already out there in the water, much less anymore. Please ask your friends and family to pray over this. The beaches on the Gulf are some of my favorite places in the world to be. The smells, sounds are so satisfying and relaxing. This catastrophe may possibly change that way of life forever. Lift up your hearts in prayer, please. Take care. Smile and laugh. Be healthy, happy and safe. God bless ya'll!!


  1. Our son will be coming down to be apart of the "clean up". He is a Biologist and is part of a crew from up here in the Pacific Northwest. He has told me about the devastation.
    Yes, prayers and my son are being sent!

  2. I think everyone is becoming aware of just how devastating this is and what may yet get worse!

  3. This BP thing is terrible!!!!!