Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Although I am spending most of my free time at the lake, I have been crafting a little. The monogram door hanging was an order I did. I love the bright colors and the way the "M" just pops out. I hung it with a blue and white polka dot ribbon. The cross is one of many I have completed lately. I love the style and the color combo of it, just that hint of red in the center cross really does it for me. All is well with the family. Angel baby is pulling up on everything and jabbering all the time, youngest son is fishing almost everyday with his friends or my daddy, daughter was asked to precept a new nurse at the hospital and is being trained to be charge nurse for her floor, and oldest son's crops are looking great and he is enjoying life. Hope ya'll are well, also. Gotta get to work, but I just wanted to check in. Take care. Be healthy, happy, safe. Hug those you love. Pray for our Gulf Coast residents and habitat. Pray for our soldiers. Laugh out loud and SMILE!! God bless ya'll!!!


  1. Both items are great! but I especially love the "M."
    Great job.

    Have fun!