Thursday, October 14, 2010


I finished Angel Baby's nap sack before the big party, and I will say it really kicked my rear end!!! I cannot follow a pattern exactly. I am always adding to them. In this case, the pattern was this: I decided to use minky fabric for one side and put two layers of batting instead of one, and what did this do----STRETCH like crazy!!!! Next I thought all little girls need ruffles--I had not tried to sew a pillow on a blanket and not get the ruffle caught in the seam in quite a while, and I might add it will be quite a while before I try again. The next nap sack will have it's own pillow that is seperate if it has a ruffle. It did turn out really cute and Mom and Angel Baby love it, but it really made Gammie TIRED!!! The pics are not the best, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. I finished my quilting class and finished the quilt. I had a great time and very proud of my accomplishment. Pee Wee football came to an end this past Tuesday. Littlest (I know this is not a word, but I love it) son recovered a fumble in the game and made several good tackles in their WIN (we only got 2 of those this year, so we want to brag a little). The announcer kept calling his name over the PA system. I began to get really worried if we were going to be able to get his helmet off after the game because every time they called his name his head swelled and his chest got bigger!! Ha! Ha! He was so cute chest pumping and bumping. All the rest of the family are great. Oldest son went alligator hunting and caught 2, one was 5 feet and the other was almost 10 feet. There is a neat article about there hunt in a state paper. I will put a link if you are interested- Well I guess I better go. Ya'll take care, Be healthy, happy and safe. Hugs those you love. Smile and laugh, and may GOD bless ya'll!!

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