Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Wreath

I have had a wirlwind of sewing this weekend. First, I finished the rag wreath for Halloween. Not the best pic, but you can get a good enough idea of the wreath. I have seen these on different sites, and decided to try one myself. I followed the tutorial over at "A Little Bit of Everything"-- It was real easy. The only thing I did different was to cut my strips in half one more time then she did. Go look and try. Next thing I did was finish quilting my quilt. We have our last class this Thursday, and we will put the binding on then. I will post a pic of the completed project after the class. I started making a new baby blanket. This one for a girl. Almost have finished putting the ruffle on. I also will show this when done. Last, I started a nap sack blanket for Angel Baby. She will be moving up to a bigger class, where they sleep on cots, so I thought a comfy, cozy little roll up nap sack with pillow would be great for her. Hopefully that will be finished this week because her BIRTHDAY PARTY is next Sunday. Her real birthday was yesterday and I had the privilege of keeping her while Mom and Dad worked. I believe you can tell from the pic what a good time we had. Ya'll take care. Be happy, healthy, and safe. Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so get those check ups and mammograms!!!! Hug those you love and even those you don't. Everybody can always use a hug. Smile and laugh. GOD bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This wreath is super cute!

    Michelle @ Bunch of Craft