Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fabric Bracelet

The sun has been bringing warmth to us all weekend. Looks like we are going from sweaters to flip flops quicker this year than I can remember. I even turned my air conditioner on yesterday!! Ya'll have to understand I have worked in an extrememly cold environment for most of my working life, and hot is not an option, especially with hormones ranging!!! My family freezes here most of the time, but I explain very kindly that it is a lot better for them to layer up than to have to watch me strip down and walk around naked!!! They quickly agree and get a blanket. The hubby and little buddy son went fishing a short while ago. Hubby came in late Friday night, and will only be here until early tomorrow. Yesterday was spent handling business with his Mom's estate and catching up on little house hold fix ups. Little buddy spent the night out Friday and did not get into late yesterday, so they are spending today doing the boy things. I have already got a pork loin slowly cooking on the grill, and told them I would have their favorite meal ready when they get in--pork loin, wild rice, asparagus spears with lemon and butter sauce, and pear salads--everyone in the family has a favorite on that menu. Oldest son called this morning to check in, he had been to the farm hunting turkeys. Daughter and Angel Baby have just come over to visit. We are going to browse a little this afternoon for some furniture pieces she wants for her new house. They will be moving to a larger house in April. There are a few pieces of mine she wants and I said no, so we are trying to find her something similar. They have bought new bedroom and living furniture, but the pieces we are looking for are are odds and ends she could use but does not have to have. Things to fill open spots and making for more storage.

The fabric bracelet is a copy from blogland, and I cannot remember where and I am so sorry because hers was so much cuter than mine. I thought I highlighted the site, but apparently in my sickness stupor over the last 2 weeks I have lost it. Anyway, you cut 3 strips of fabric about 1/2 in width and maybe 22 or so inches long and braid it. Do this 3 different times using a different pattern of fabric for each braid. Then you sew the braids together. I used my machine to make the initial seam but hand sewed all the rest as I went down, then finished with a sturdier machine stiich when I got it to the length I needed for my wrist. You can put clasps on, or sew the ends together, either one works the same. Make a fabric flower by twisting strips of fabric and then forming a circle to the shape you want. I found out tapping a little dab of glue here and there made it easier and sturdier for wear. This was made out of some fall fabric I am making a quilt out of, but I have just purchased some red, brown, yellow, and cream fabric that I think will make a great one for summer. As soon as I get the quilt pieces cut, I will start on the bracelet.

Time to move away from the computer for the day. I told ya'll I was afraid all this laying around would have gotten me lazy and I believe I was right. I did go to work Friday and made it 8 hours. Tomorrow they will take the stent out and I hope I getto feeling better and more normal. I am a little concerned that if they put me to sleep to put the stent in, then why are they not putting me to sleep to take it out. I have probably done hundreds of these surgeries over the years, but it has never even accurded to me before why they never came back to have it removed. Oh well, I will know tomorrow! Wish me luck and pray it all goes well. Be healthy, happy, and safe. Hug those you love. Smile and laugh! Pray for our country, our soldiers and their families, world peace, the poor people of Japan. Oh, before I finish, did ya'll see that beautiful moon last night. Now to properly finish---GOD BLESS YA'LL!!!


  1. Good Luck with your surgery.
    Prayers for you.


  2. Beautiful bracelet! Hope you feel better soon and that all goes well. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower and would love to have you as one of mine, as well. :)

  3. Unique bracelet! Good luck to you!

  4. Patsy your bracelet is just adorable! I love it!
    I hope you come back next Wednesday and link up some more inspiration!
    All Things Heart and Home