Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Clothes

Look how big Angel Baby has gotten. She is now 18 months old. She is a talking machine, lots of "jarble", but she has some definate words in there. Her mom has her doing the model walk, stopping and turning, crossing her arms with this head lowered look and then putting her hands on her hips. It is hilarious! She loves her Paw Paw. They go outside everyday she comes by and throw the ball with the dogs. She does the throwing until the ball gets yucky and then Paw Paw has to clean it before she will throw it. Her mom was the same way!! Watching that little one brings back lots of wonderful memories.

Look at the precious clothes we just got for her. A wonderful friend that used to work with me makes these for her. She loves to sew and has no one to sew for now, so she picked us. Both these outfits were made from scraps she had in her sewing room. She got the first pattern from a sew beautiful magazine I had and then added her own personalized style to it, and the second outfit is a pattern I bought from Little Lizard Kings. I buy patterns and she sews. Sometimes I buy the fabric, but most of the time she goes through my stash and gets stuff I had left over from a project. These are just two of the many outfits she made for her for summer. I will post some more on a later post.

I am heading to pottery this morning. I have not been since July when I had about 7 pieces mess up in a load, but I have had so many people contact me lately for crosses that I need to get back at it. I had to go to work for a quick inservice this morning, but I am going to spend the rest of the day in the clay. Ya'll take care. Be healthy, happy, and safe. Pray for those who are in need. Hugs those you love! Smile and laugh! Do something special for someone today and watch then smile! God bless ya'll!!!


  1. Very cute!
    She does a great job.


  2. Ok this is going to sound strange. I was doing a search for a ferdinand magellan costume for my son's school project, and came across the photo of the one you made for your son. Well.... would you by chance be interested in selling the costume?