Friday, April 1, 2011

Michael Miller Quilt-along

I don't believe I have mentioned about our MIchael Miller Quilt-a-long. It started in January and we go each month to the store and get our pattern and material for that months block. In twelve months we will have a beautiful quilt. I changed my material a little because that is the way I am! We just had our 3rd class and I have not made a single one. First class, one of my BFF's kids fell and broke his arm, so I was dealing with that. Second class, my mother in law was sick in the hospital and I did not want to get to far from home. Third class, I was just getting out of the hospital with the kidney stones. I am going to the 4th class!! My dear best friend Dawn as always takes care of me. She has been going and picking up the stuff and getting the lesson to share with me when she returns. The picks above are the first months blocks. Some of ya'll may be doing this as well. They are promoting it all over the country. I really like it because it is on my own pace. I have yet to finsh the second months blocks, but I hope to work on some of that this weekend.

Just a little quick note to say have a great weekend! Ya'll go out and do something nice for someone today--a random act of kindness. You will be surprised what it does for you as well. Take care this weekend. Be safe, healthy, happy! Hug those you love! Smile and laugh! Pray, get close to God! I will be glued to the tube Saturday for some great March Madness.! I beleive this is the best Final Four I have seen in a while. I love basketball! Some of ya'll may not believe it, but I was on a high school team that won 100 games in a row! We were in the Guiness Book of World Records at one time, and may still be. I know some have come close to breaking our record, but I think we still hold it. Anyway, just a little side note about me. Have a great day and GOD BLESS YA'LL!!!!!!!!

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  1. We spent the whold day OUTSIDE!!!
    It is great to have caring friends.

    Happy Sunday.