Thursday, October 8, 2009

Required Reading!!

Everyone is doing great. The baby had some issues with some of her labs and had to go to the hospital everyday for a stick, but that resolved yesterday. Mom and dad are settling in really well to parenthood. They are so cute together. I don't know who coos and oohs the most--her or them. That little girl never leaves her house without a bow and dressed to the max!! These pics are of a bib and burp pad I made her. The flower is made out of ric rac and ribbon, all scraps I had at the house, and I had to put the ruffle on the burp pad. It just did not look right without it. It is sewn on a cloth diaper, you can't see the edges because I turned them under for the pic.

"Time Out Thursday"

While drinking my coffee and hopping around some wonderful blogs, I found this!! I think this should be required reading for all and posted in all classrooms. Enjoy!!

"The List"

The most destructive habit----------Worry

The greatest joy--------------------Giving

The greatest loss-------------------Self-Respect

The most satisfying work-----------Helping Others

The ugliest personality trait---------Selfishness

The most endangered species------Dedicated Leaders

Our greatest natural resource------Our Youth

The greatest shot in the arm-------Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome----Fear

The best sleeping pill--------------Peace of Mind

The most crippling failing disease-----Excuses

The most powerful force in life-------Love

The most dangerous pariah----------A Gossiper

The most incredible computer-------The Brain

The worst thing to be without-------Hope

The deadliest weapon---------------The Tongue

The two most power-filled words------I Can

The greatest asset--------------------Faith

The most worthless emotion----------Self-Pity

The most beautiful attire-------------A Smile!!!

The most prized possession-----------Self- Esteem

The most powerful communication-----PRAYER!!!

The most contagious spirit------------Enthusiasm

Our greatest teacher-------------------Experience

I hope ya'll enjoyed as much as I did. Have a great and blessed day!! Smile and laugh--good for the soul. Hug those you love--good for your heart!! Prayer for those in need and yourself--good for your spirit!! Be healthy, happy, and safe. God bless ya'll!!!!

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  1. I truly enjoyed this list...I agree it should be posted in classrooms...maybe I will copy it and post it in the hall for my grandchildren!