Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Blanket

I finally have finished a project. My time frame has changed some with the arrival of the sweetest lil angel I know, but I did get the Christmas items made before the first family get together. The blanket, bibs and burp pad were finished Sunday morning about 3 hours before our family breakfast out of town with my mom's family. I was determined to have them ready, although the family had given up on it. Ha! Ha! I always work better under pressure. Really things have been crazy here lately. My Thursdays have turned into busy days instead of those where you stay in your pj's all day. New Years resolution--get back to pj Thursday and crafting!! My dad broke his foot and there is a sore on it that we have to treat daily. He is unable to soak, treat and wrap it by himself so my daughter have taken over that job. I really have enjoyed it though, because it gives us some time just to sit and talk everyday. He was not able to go with us yesterday though, because he has come down with a terrible cold. My mom died 24 years ago and this will be the first Christmas get together he has missed. Next Sunday is his family get together, and I hope he is well by then. I loaded him up on medicine and keeping a close watch on him. There are so many strange bugs going around these days and I do not want him to get pneumonia. He is 81 years young!! The baby has been sick and she could not go to nursey, so I kept her a few days. Mom is back at work and does not need to miss, Gammy has all kind of time built up to miss so it was really not a problem to stay home with her. My employer was off and I planned on missing some anyway, but I was going to sew and paint, but holding her and playing with her was much more special. She is really developing a personality as you can see. She loves her Paw Paw Jack cause he will sit, hold and rock all day if necessary. We are planning an easy Christmas this year. I always do our stuff Christmas Eve so Christmas Day is open for whatever. Still have to have food, but thinking about downsizing. Going to have poboy sandwiches, cheese plates, dips and snack food Christmas Eve. Big kids will be working until 6 or 7 so I am going to get everything ready and we will all enjoy the evening together. We have so many big meals this time of year, that I am thinking about ditching the turkey all together and going with roast or something, but family not all on board about that. I will decide today, because I have to get the turkey out of the freezer tomorrow if we are going to have it. My oven is beeping and there are 3 loaves of sourdough bread fixing to come out, and it is time for me to get going for work. Ya'll have a great day! Be safe, happy healthy and remember those that are less fortunate. Hug those you love and remember to smile and laugh! God bless ya'll!!

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  1. Your g/daughter is adorable. Hope your Dad's foot heals properly, I broke my ankle exactly 2 years ago yesterday. I had a cast that went up above my knee, it is not fun!
    We gather like you do on Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day I choose to bake a ham instead of seems simpler.
    Have a Joyful Christmas!