Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carre's Miscellaneous Shower

I am blessed to have wonderful friends. This special group of ladies gave my daughter a wedding shower today and it was so special. The food was wonderful. The invitations were the cutest. The flowers were beautiful, but most of all the suppport and friendship I have from these woman is priceless. Some I have known for a few years and some for a lifetime. They are all very special to me. One in particular is the sister I never had. She got all this together and worked with the others to make it hassle free for all. She and I have been through a lot over the years and I am sure we will continue to go through a lot. Dawn, you are the best!! All by best buds were there. It was a great time of laughter, memories, and joy. Carre also got an unbelievable amount of gifts. She received so much more that I expected. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, great kids, and the best friends ever!!!! The first picture is of me, Carre(daughter), and Sheryl(Carre's mother in law). The second pic is of the food table. Isn't it pretty? The 3rd pic is of Carre and the hostesses--Mary Beth, Holly, Carre, Carla, Dawn, and Janis. These are the best friends you could ever have! Time to get ready for a busy week. Ya'll be safe, kind, healthy, and happy. Smile and laugh. Hug those you love. Pray for our soldiers. God bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You know you have great friends when they support you AND your family!!
    What a great way to show your daughter love.

    You are blessed!

    PS - the table and food look great.

  2. Hi Patsy...your daughter is beautiful...I see you in her...Friends do become as close as family don't they...a very happy time for all of you to share!

  3. What a fun bunch! You truly ARE blessed, they all look like such sweethearts!