Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Grandbaby Stuff

I finished a few more things this weekend. The bib and burp pad at top are like the ones I have been making. I decided to put ric rac on the edges to jazz it up a little. I tried a new pattern for the 2nd one. I got the idea from "A Feathered Nest" blogspot. Here is the link: She has some great tutorials over there. I also followed her pattern for some bibs, but they are not sewn up yet. I went ahead and cut them out and pinned everything together, but did not sew the edges. I plan to do a little each night after work. I added the ruffle and I really like this look. As of today, I have finished 5 bibs, 9 burb pads.
My big kids were in a wedding yesterday evening. It was beautiful. The bride and my daughter have been best friends for years, and the groom and my son have also been great friends for years. The wedding planner had Doss (son) be Carre's (daughter) escort and they put them on the end by the side door just in case Carre had any labor pains and needed to get out in a hurry. It was really cute seeing them standing next to each other and walking arm and arm. No labor, only swollen feet. The wedding and reception were wonderful. Both families are old friends of mine and lots of old friends were there. Really had some good visits with them. The brides mom is a really good friend of mine and I have been so worried about her through this. She and her husband seperated about a year ago and she has been working 2 jobs to make this perfect for her daughter. She was so poised and elegant at the wedding. I was so proud of her.
Long week ahead for me. Got about 9 hours of work tomorrow at the hospital, and 2 full days at the clinic to follow so I may not be on line much this week. I hope to post more completed projects. We will see how things go. Ya'll have a great week. Be happy, healthy, safe. Remember those smiles!! Hug your loved ones. Pray for our soldiers and their families. Pray for our country and it's leaders. Take care and God bless ya'll!!!


  1. I love the little ruffle on the blanket you made! You're very talented, my friend. :-)

  2. Love the grandbaby stuff!
    I want to try something now.
    Which one...?