Friday, September 18, 2009

Nursery Lamp

I finished this yesterday for the babies nursery. Quick and easy. This material matches the bed skirt on the crib. I bought the feather bowwa (I have no idea how to spell that and that is definately not right, but you get the idea) while at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. The original lamp shade just needed a lift. I made a pattern out of parchment paper, cut out the material, used spray adhesive to stick material to shade, and hot glued the pink bowwa. Just a little more character to add to her nursery. The doctor said yesterday that if she not here in two weeks he is going to put her in and induce her. I hope we go natural, it is so much better.
The infermery is growing. Little buddie went down this morning. Going to the pediatrician at 8. Cough (actually a bark, been coughing a little for several days, but turned into high pitched bark last night), watery eyes, achy, lost his get up and go. No fever at present, but I thought he had a low grade last night. This really is a good sign to me though, because that high pitch means upper respiratory and maybe just has what daddy has. I do not want it to be flu. Oldest just left on a jet plane, literally. He is flying to Montana to hunt for 2 weeks and his plane took off about 30 minutes ago. Future momma is doing fine. She had a let down earlier in week, but has had an abundance of energy since then--I hope this means baby soon. I believe the long weekend with the wedding of her friend and working 4 straight days just got her. She slept most of one day and has been fine ever since.
Got to go get ready for work and the doctor. It is raining here and has been for 5 days. My yard looks like a lake. Everytime I step off the steps my feet squish! Ya'll have a good day and a blessed weekend. Be safe, healthy, happy---Oh, prayers answered. You remember the previous post about my friends mom. The cancer is not in the liver, so she will be able to take radiation and chemo. There is some hope of shrinking the tumor in her pancreas. At first they said they could do nothing. Keep praying! Miracles happen everyday. Hug those you love! Smile and laugh!! God bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!

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