Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Onsies

Good morning!! Hope you had a great night's sleep and are read to enjoy a beuatiful day! Here things are not so good. Hubby is sick, sick, sick!! Congestion, fever, aches, cough!! Tried to get him to go to the doctor yesterday morning and he said he was fine. I gave him the lecture that he maybe fine but he could give it to the rest of us and I guess I got through that hard head. As the day progressed he started to feel worse and went in--diagnosis, not swine flu--thank the Lord! Although, he does have bronchitis. He told the doctor to do the nose swab for flu anyway because they both (I worked for this man for about 8 years) knew with this baby coming anyday that he would be quarrantined until better and possibly shipped out if there was any question that it might be flu. I am not really that bad, but with this strain of flu I am much more cautious than normal. Little buddy woke up this morning with red eyes and sniffles. Have not made a decision about sending him to school yet. I think it is allergies, but who knows. I don't want him in this house all day with these germs if it is allergies, but if it is not I don't want him exposing all the other kids. One kid in his carpool out all ready.
The onsies above are for some girls at work who are expecting in mid-October. They are both having boys. I am fixing them a bag of goodies. Almost through with them. I will also have one of these for my grandbaby, but I am going to put ruffles on hers. I have decided to tackle this. On the onsies I have done for her already, I decided the ruffle would be to difficult for such a small size, but on this one I want to seperate the girls from the boys.
Saw some real cute hand embroidery patterns on this site while hopping around this morning-- for Christmas. Ya'll go take a look! I hope ya'll have a great day with many blessings and memories. Take care. Be healthy, happy, safe. Hug those you love. Smile and laugh! Please pray for my family and hope we keep this at one sick and that it does not last long. We need to be well when that baby gets here. God bless ya'll!!!

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