Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bag Tag

This was our first full day of school and all went well. I have had a baby sitter with Simon since he was 5 1/2 weeks old but this year he is soloing. We kinda of gave it a trial run last year at the end of school, but she was always on standby if needed. This year he wants to do it on is own and I think he can. He turned 11 in June, and his brother, sister, and grandad all live within 2 blocks of us. He is a great kid and very mature, so I know he will be ok. So with school starting, comes backpacks and how better to keep up with yours than to have your very own personalized bag tag. This one was done for a friend of mine who's little girl is starting kindergarten. Didn't it turn out cute? Easily done---get a badge holder from Wally World (aka Walmart), cardstock, scrapbook background paper, ribbon, brads or eyelets (optional), little girl rubber stamp, and a hole punch. Now cut the cardstock to fit in the slide pocket. Take out and decorate. I stamped the little girl. Then I paper pieced the clothes on and colored the hair and skin tones. Next I used eyelets to put the little girl on the background paper. Next I did the same thing on the other side, but put her initials I cut out with my Sizzix. I stuck the two cardstock pieces together. You need to make sure this is not to thick and will fit snuggly, but not bulky in the badge holder. Punch holes in the side of the holder and drape and tie ribbon. Last thing to do is attach the plastic things that come with the badge holders and if it to bulky, use a long piece of ribbon instead to attach to her backpack. The first one of these I made was for my daughter's back pack when she went to college. She still has it.
I had a quiet day off. Carre's doctor's appointment went good. We then went down town and registered her everyday and china patterns. We ate lunch at the bookstore, bought a shower gift for this weekend, and had a great day!! Simon had a good day at school. He had pee wee football practice today and got sick while practicing. He has not felt well the past 2-3 days. He said he sat out for 20 minutes and then went back in and did ok. The coaches said they thought he was not going to come back in and play, but he put his pads back on and went in. I think with some rest this weekend he will be ok. No more football for this week. All the rest of family are fine. Time for me to go. Hope to talk back soon. As always--be safe, happy, healthy. Smile. Hug your loved ones. Pray for our soldiers and God bless ya'll!!!

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  1. Ohhhh you have a cute blog! I'm gonna have to come for a real visit soon!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place and leaving a footprint of your presence. Glad you enjoyed the photos!