Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is my second cross I painted for myself. I am working on another and will place them on either side of the big one I posted last night. This one is 11x14 and is also hunter green and chocolate brwon with cream and tan throughout. I think I like this one the best. Love all the abstract in it. My oldest son asked me to do one for his house for his birthday and he wanted it done in camoflauge. I told him I did not think that was possible, but I believe he will get one like this but 16 x 20.

We have our meet and greet your new teacher tomorrow morning at 7:30. Wow, I really wish they would have done this tonight. We will only be there about 1 hour. I don't know who's idea this was, but I believe they had a memory lapse when they thought up this one. Anyway, we will be there with bells on!!! I am looking forward to this year. Simon will be in 5th grade and this will be his first year to have a homeroom teacher and to switch classes throughout the day. I remember when I first did this. Man, I thought I was so big!! We also had our first summer reading this past summer. That went good, so I hope it is an omen to what kind of year we will have. School has never been a problem with any of my children, and I am very blessed that it has been this way. Simon won the Math award for the 4th grade last year, and he is wanting to keep up the tradition this year. He is a very good student--doesn't write to well, but what man does--but he sure can add!!

Today was a nice day. We had a long hard day at work, but that just leads to a good night sleep. I brought home Chinese take out and we are all stuffed. All big kids are doing fine. All animals are doing fine--I believe I have failed to mention them: 3 dogs--Rambo, Sweetie, and Gracie, lab, mix and beagle order corresponds to name; 2 cats--Black/white stray we have had for 17 years named Buckwheat (Bucky for short) and long haired grey, black, white, and some orange stray we have had for about 6 years named Eustus. Both of these were brought home by my daughter from spend the night parties over the years. They are great cats and get along well. Time for me to close my eyes. We have about 80 patients to see tomorrow. Be safe, healthy, happy and sweet. Don't forget to smile! Hug the ones you love, and most of all GOD bless our nation and GOD bless ya'll!!!!!!

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  1. This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! I followed your stamping blog, but am so glad you combined the two so that I could see your paintings. How lucky is your son to have one to hang on his walls!