Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birth Annoucement

Ok, last painting for a while. Tomorrow will be a new project. This is a birth annoucement I did for a friend at work. The nursery is done is purple and green. The only thing missing is the name, but I do not letter good, so I had her write the name. It really is a lot cuter than this pictue makes it look. The large canvas is 11x14 and the drop downs are 8x10 with a 5x7 on top of it. These are fun to do . I am setting up an Etsy shop and you can get one from there is you would like to have one. I really need a couple of weeks notice to make, receive payment, and ship. Any of my paints are for sale. If you are interested, just email me directly at I can do custom orders with the colors you like. I will put a link to the Etsy shop when it is up and going.
Pep rally this morning was just as I suspected--traffic was terrible, parking was worse, dew on the bleachers and I wore white pants, dew on the fresh cut grass, and we were in the room 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did get the teacher we wanted though and I guess it was all worth it. Simon thought it was great!! Spending the majority of tomorrow with daughter, Carre. Doctor appointment in morning and then downtown to register her everyday and china patterns. Next stop, the printer to pick out annoucements and thank you cards . Need to drop off some green pottery pieces to be fired and have to go to a little gift shop and register some items. I hope I get home in time to play in my craft room. Really got some neat projects in my head. Hubby left this morning for a few days work in New Orleans, so it is only my and little buddie here. He has already gone to bed and I really should be heading that way myself. Ya'll take care, be happy, be safe, be healthy. Always hug the ones you love. Don't forget that smile!! God bless ya'll!!!

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  1. Your cross pictures are great! I love the colors and everything about them. Great artwork. Jackie