Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Good Morning! Hope all is well, and that you are having a blessed week!! I have almost finished cleaning out the extra bedroom. Need to get in the closet. I have decided to paint the room, but that will be in a few weeks. I already have to many plans for the next few weekends. Dawn (my best friend for life) is going to help me, but her schedule is as crazy as mine. Today is hump day and that means it is down hill for me. Tomorrow is my day off, then a quick Friday work day and WEEKEND!!!!! I am going to Jackson ( abouth 1 1/2 hours from here) with my daughter Saturday to pick up some final things for the babies nursery. I am particularly looking for some material to make some curtains. The bedding came in and it is so cute. It is custom made and the colors are black, white, fuschia, medium pink and green. Really good looking. I am making the curtains in black and white polka dot if I can find the right material. When she finishes it, I will post a pic. I wish I had a camera right now--my youngest cat, Eustus, just came in here fussing and he would not be quiet. This cat usually is the quiet one. I followed him all over the house to see what was wrong and found nothing. When I sat back down at computer, he came back and started all over again. Finally he crawled up in my lap, layed down across my arms and started purring louder than I have ever heard him. You should see me typing and the cat over my arms!!
The onsies above are something I made for grandbaby. I was just playing the other day, and started painting them. I think they turned out cute. I had planned to put ruffles and ribbon on them originally, but it was too much trouble for a 0-3 month size. I will do that on larger sizes. I am going to finish some burp pads and bibs tomorrow. I will post when I am done. I have done the machine work and turned them. I just need to finish the handwork and embellishments. Gotta go get ready for work. Take care of yourself. Be happy, healthy, safe. Hug your loved ones. Don't forget to laugh and smile!! Pray for our soldiers, and most importantly GOD bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!

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