Monday, August 10, 2009

New Blog!!

Hey ya'll!! I am not new to blogging, but I am new to this sight. I have been trying to run 2-3 blogs with different crafts for quite some time, and I have not been very successful. I finally got so tired of flopping back and forth, that I quit blogging for a long time. I really have missed connecting with friends, so I combined all my blogs into one and here I am. This will be a craft blog with life happenings and life moments along the way. I appreciate all who have followed me before and I want ya'll to know I am back!! I will have different projects I am working on shown along the way, as well as family happenings and photos.

The picture above is a painting I finished this weekend. It is for my dining room. I plan on making a collage of paintings with crosses and angels. This is on a 16x20 stretch canvas. The colors are hunter green and chocolate brown. I painted all weekend. Stayed in my pj's all day Saturday. I finished wedding gifts and baby gifts I had been working on. I made my first cross painting some time ago, and I cannot keep them--someone either buys them or gets them as a gift. Today I got 2 orders for these. One in burgundy and gold for a church and the other in chocolate and blue for a co-worker. I hope to have them finished by next week. I love crosses in any shape or form. You will see a lot of these in my postings.

Family is great!! My first grandbaby is due to arrive in October and I am exstatic! It is a baby girl according to the U/S's. Mom and little one seem to be doing fine. I got a new son in law this weekend. My daughter and the love of her life finally tied the knot. Ran off to Gatlinburg and called us when it was over. I kind of suspected that was what they were doing even though they looked me straight in the face and said they were not before they left. She called me on the phone Friday afternoon and said, "Mom, we got married, but don't worry. We hired a photographer and a real preacher. We had pictures and prayers just for you!!" They had planned this out to the tee. I will post pics when I get them. Oldest son is having a birthday today. He is 24! He got a large dorm refrig and a microwave from me. He has is own house down the street but would not buy himself a refigerator--been waiting on a friend who works at the Sears store here to hook im up with a "deal". I told him eating out everyday is not healthy and he could use this until he found what he was looking for. He has the sweetest girfriend and she gave him a grill, so he should be fixed up. I figure this will make him get that refrig soon. He has been in his house about 2 months. Little brother is wonderful. Started pee wee football and this may be his calling. He has really turned into a jock!! He starts school on Thursday and his first real game is September 1st. He got measured for his suit today. I cannot wait until he gets in to see how things went at practice.

I am very fortunate in life. My father is still living and lives 2 streets over from us. I have 3 great kids-one at home and the older two have good jobs and live on their own--all in the same neighborhood as I. I have been married for 12 years to a good man. God has given me many blessings and I see many more to come. He has given me a wonderful talent that I have suppressed all these years due to working fulltime, but that is changing. I have slowed down considerably with my work. I am a nurse and have been one for 30 years-22 of those being an operating room nurse. I have recently changed jobs and have gone to work for an orthopedic surgeon I have known and worked with over the last 8 years at the hospital. I go to surgery 2 days a week with him and work the clinic 2 days a week. NO MORE CALL!!! It is great. I am off one day a week and that is my crafting time usually. I plan to keep this blog loaded with crafts and projects. I hope ya'll forgive me for rambling tonight. I feel like I have renewed old friendships. I wish for all a safe, healthy, happy tomorrow. Please pray for our soldiers. Take care and God bless ya'll!!!

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